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Who are we?

Maj-Plast is a plastic processing plant with over 35 years of experience in the engineering industry. Despite its small size, the company boasts a huge potential in the form of an innovative approach. In contrast to large companies, we are looking for better, more efficient and cheaper solutions, without compromising the quality of our products at the same time. We believe that better is not the enemy of good.

We focus on innovative plastics processing

What do we do?

Since 1993, we provide professional advice, design, manufacture, install and service the tools manufactured by us. Our comprehensive services are addressed to representatives of automotive, cosmetic, medical, home appliances and other industries looking for innovative solutions. Extensive knowledge and practical skills allow us to provide durable and aesthetic products, manufactured in accordance with the adopted philosophy of the company − better, faster, cheaper. The robustness of the services provided by our plastic processing plant can be confirmed by brands such as: Pipe Life S.A., Delphi Poland S.A, FIAT, BMW, FORD, OPEL, JAGUAR, PEUGEOT, Apator S.A., Mikrostyk S.A., Rosti Poland Sp. z o.o., Siemens, LOUIS VUITTON and IKEA,, which we had the pleasure to work with.

Discover our endless possibilities

How do we work?

Are you looking for contractors for new projects? Do you want to create a prototype of a product or launch its mass production? Or maybe you need better and cheaper components made of plastic?

Large corporations, small businesses, start-ups, physicians and many other potential customers of our plastics processing plant are provided with:

  • individual approach − each order is preceded by design work verified by the customer, which allows us to create products that meet 100% of its needs and expectations,
  • expert advice − in the selection of appropriate materials or the use of materials supplied by the customer,
  • comprehensive services − performed by qualified, experienced and commitment of the team,
  • minimised costs − through the use of appropriate equipment, never by reducing product quality,
  • optimising processes − which is ensured by specialized software: HAAS, ESPRIT, ENGEL,
  • the latest technology − with our modern machine park, we offer carefully, firmly and beautifully made products,
  • performance guarantee − we offer 12 months warranty on the plastic processing service,
  • high quality − it is confirmed by the quality management system based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2009 implemented by us. We work in ISO/TS 16946.

Do you need high-quality components made of plastic? See our detailed offer.

Are you looking for a modern and loyal partner of your company? Do you want to outsource production of tools for the execution of details − mould or cutter, or processing of plastics to experienced professionals? Contact Maj-Plast to discuss the terms of cooperation.

Production of plastic − step by step

At this stage, we thoroughly analyze your needs to be able to meet them in the production of plastics.

During the execution of your order we use high-tech machinery. This guarantees high-quality plastic products.

As a manufacturer of plastic products, we provide comprehensive order execution, including delivery and installation at the customer's premises.

Contact us::

Monday to Saturday - 24 h

mobile 601 654 117
fax: (58) 522 99 23
e-mail: majplast@majplast.com