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At Maj-Plast we specialise widely understood in plastics processing. We execute orders for companies from the automotive, furniture, cosmetics, bicycle, or medical appliances industries. 20 years ago we made the first plastic gynaecological speculum. What services we offer our customers?

Production of injection moulds, tooling and other products

In our modern machine park we design and manufacture by machining, EDM and others:

  • injection moulds,
  • dies,
  • cutters,
  • benders,
  • special steel tools,
  • moulded parts by injection moulding of various types of plastics.

Concerned about the needs and expectations of our customers we are constantly working on the quality of our services that we provide as a manufacturer of injection moulds, tooling and other plastic products. First of all, we guarantee:

  • optimum use of materials and tools.
  • fast and cost-effective order execution,
  • maximum use of the potential of raw materials,
  • no risk associated with the human factor,
  • precision,
  • durability of the product,
  • advanced technological facilities,
  • full service,
  • the use of non-standard production techniques,
  • individual order pricing.

Production of injection moulds, tooling and other products

In the Maj-Plast plant we use:

  • CNC milling centre – with probes positioning tools and the object,
  • ENGEL machine centre – such as bar-less injection moulding machines for universal solutions composed of diverse technology modules. Thanks to them, we can focus on the key aspects of the product and obtain maximum precision with optimal effort,
  • injection moulding machines and peripherals – used for processing of the latest hygroscopic technical plastics from global producers − Dupont, BASF, Ticon,
  • Solid EDGE software − to design,
  • ESPRIT software − with the help of advanced computer-aided design system, we are able to shorten lead times, improve quality, and control every stage of the production process,
  • tool steel from Bohler-Uddeholm mill − its use enables us to provide customers with products for long-term use even in the toughest conditions,
  • high-quality material − for production we use materials from renowned manufacturers, including PEEK, TPU, TPE, Meusburger, Hasco and FCPK Bytow.

All this in order to produce more efficiently, better − for the benefit of you and your production.

Are you a manufacturer operating in the automotive, medical, furniture or cosmetics industries?
Do you need products made of plastic? Outsource production of injection moulds and tooling to experienced and knowledgeable enthusiasts from Maj-Plast.

Contact us for detailed information regarding production and individual pricing, including the deposit required for larger orders.

Production of plastic − step by step

At this stage, we thoroughly analyze your needs to be able to meet them in the production of plastics.

During the execution of your order we use high-tech machinery. This guarantees high-quality plastic products.

As a manufacturer of plastic products, we provide comprehensive order execution, including delivery and installation at the customer's premises.

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